Tuesday, 27 September 2011

August - september 2011 update

ONE WEEK, until we start work as SOHUG the community-based organisation. For the last few months it has just felt like a dream. Now it is a dream come true, for 5 years I Teresha have prayed about and dreamed of the day and dreamt of the man I would share it with. 2011 is the Year that God made it all come true!

For the last It has felt the dream was so far away, the work we have been doing has kept us busier than we could of imagined, paper work central our living room became an office and we have learnt a thing or two about publicity and the law of Uganda.  My addiction has been a website, I never saw myself as a web designer, but I do believe the Karahukayo team have made a good website have a look at www.springofhope.org.uk.
It has not all been work, work and work, we have had a little time to learn about chickens and had a little fun as well.

During our trip to the UK we wondered how we could serve the children in Uganda on the little support we had coming in on a monthly basis was not enough for our daily needs. Therefore, we started looking at how we could raise our income in other ways, so we used some of our wedding money to buy chicks to raise up to sell.  We are still looking into other ways to raise our support to live in Uganda, as the food prices are so high that the price of living is painful.

I never knew what was involved in raising a chick, I thought it was like raising a rabbit and all it needed was feeding once a day. As a child, I only ever had guinea pigs, rabbits, fish or a cat that is the only animals I really knew anything about, unlike my husband who has raised cows since the day he started walking. Anyone who knows me knows I am afraid of chickens. So chicken raising was never on the priority one list!

Chicks are like children or maybe messier as they need 24/7 care and can cause sleepless nights and I have never seen a child eat so much in 24hrs. In the first few days, Israel was waking 5 times in the night, one night I (Teresha) woke up one night at 2am. After having a bad dream about the chicks (yes this is became a type of parenting) and I saw that the charcoal cooker was off I tried to put it back on again by adding charcoal and it was smoking. I panicked and woke up my friend Ev who was staying and begged her to help, she didn’t wake up but our house girl did we saw that the Chickens weren’t having enough feathers on them by this stage 3 had died and didn’t want any more to die. In the End, the whole idea of allowing Israel to sleep was pointless, as he had to wake up to see why the chickens were losing so many feathers in the end it was all because of the chickens becoming fat.  I never knew how quick chickens to could grow.
 We have now had the chickens for 4 weeks and a week on thursday we will be selling them.


There new house week 3

Incubation time, they would of died without heart
Week 4 in their new house
September brought  my best friend Amanda’s birthday, a girl who has kept sain and me accountable over the last three years since she moved to Uganda.  This was a great to go to one of the most beautiful places in the area to have brunch with her and have some girls talk. Seven years on, I still often amazed by the beauty of Uganda, we were lying on a hammock watching the rain come in over the Nile, waiting, waiting for the rain to come to main land and it came 1hr later just when we reached the taxi. This was a strange and beautiful phenomenon.Sadly she leaves on the 4th of October, her dream is to come back to Uganda but when we do not know. To loose a dear friend is hard especially when it is not your own nation. She will be surely missed and my Prayer is that God will bring her back soon.
The beauty of friendship,
The mighty Nile

A introduction with a difference, a friend of ours called Susan recently got engaged after 20 with her “husband” who is the father to her four children. This was a true celebration of the couples love for each other; many people have to save money for years.  The start of the introduction was where the man side came in, a nurse greeted each one, and a doctor who acted as if they were going into inoculated the person before entering.  
incolulationating visitors

Beauty of culture

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